Here Today, Gone to Maui by Carol Sno.  Publisher: Berkley (Penguin), January 2009

When Jane Shea’s boyfriend, Jimmy, invites her to spend a week at a swanky resort in Maui, she’s thrilled-of course-but nervous, too. She worries about missing their flight. She worries about losing her luggage. It never even occurs to her that she might misplace Jimmy.

But paradise has a way of attracting trouble, and Jane hasn’t even managed to learn the hula or paddle under a waterfall before Jimmy disappears. When the police suggest that Jimmy has drowned, Jane thinks things can’t get any worse-but her troubles have just begun. This is one vacation the guidebooks never prepared her for.

This is about Jane Shea and the trip to Maui that never was.  Jane worries a lot. She makes list. Things have to be organized for her life to be as planned.  When her boyfriend, Jimmy, invites her to spend a week in Maui, Jane worries that he’ll never show up, but he does and life as she planned it is okay until they land in Maui.  On a recent diving excursion, Jimmy disappears and Jane believes he has drowned. Once the police is alerted, the man that Jane thought she knew was a lie and we watch Jane struggle with the truth when it finally hit her and the clues she should have paid attention to.  I enjoyed this story and the mystery surrounding Jimmy and his comeuppance. I was very glad at the conclusion.  [3.5 stars – really liked it]

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