Nutcase by Charlotte Hughes is the second book in the “Kate Holly” mystery series.  Publisher: Jove (Penguin), February 2009

Psychologist Kate Holly is about to get evicted from her office, and her best option may be to share space with her jacuzzi-loving ex-boyfriend, Dr. Thad Glazer. That’s not going to help her patch things up with her firefighter ex-husband. With her oddball patients, meddling mother, and eccentric secretary thrown into the mix—not to mention a spree of suspicious fires—will Kate put her life back together or wind up in a padded cell?

Kate Holly is a clinical psychologist who listens to others talk who also has her own share of problems.  She’s divorced from her husband, Jay Rush who is a firefighter, who she is still in love with; her best friend, Mona Epps, her receptionist who is feeling unloved by her current boyfriend; her mother, Dixie and twin sister, Trixie who operates a thriving “junk” business and live to give Kate advice; Dr. Thad Glazer, psychiatrist and ex-boyfriend who refers clients to her practice and the various patients she counsels.  The two problems that are most eminent is the eviction notice from her office building and the arsonist that’s targeting firefighters. Will Kate and Jay make their relationship work?  Will Mona’s boyfriend feel the love?  Will Thad stop asking about Kate’s underwear?  Will Kate be evicted from her office?  Will she find success with her patients’ care?  Will they find the arsonist before another firefighter get hurts?  Open up the pages to this book and sit back and enjoy the ride.  What a riot this book is; there are so many laugh at loud moments that will have you smiling.  [5 stars – it was amazing]

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