Seeing Red by Susan Crandall. Publisher: Forever, February 2009

Ellis Greene remembers very little about the night of her cousin Laura’s murder, but she does recall the face of the murderer. Ellis was the key witness to the crime, and her testimony helped put Hollis Alexander in jail for a long time. With Hollis behind bars, Ellis should feel safe, but the memory of that awful night still haunts her. Determined to free herself from the fear of being attacked like her cousin, Ellis has become an expert in self defense. However, when Ellis hears that Hollis has been paroled, she feels like a helpless teenager again–and she isn’t the only one who notices that he’s free.

Laura’s boyfriend Nate was one of the prime suspects for her murder. After the court case, many still believed that Nate was guilty and he left town to reinvent himself. Now, fifteen years later, he has returned to protect Ellis from suffering the same fate as her cousin. As soon as Ellis and Nate see one another, sparks fly. But Ellis hasn’t let herself fall for a man in a long time, and she isn’t sure whether she can trust Nate. As Laura’s murderer zeroes in on Ellis as his next target, she must fight to stay alive while she finally discovers her true feelings about Nate.

This is about Ellis Greene who was a teenager and the only witness to a brutal attack that left her cousin dead.  From that day forth, Ellis kept herself safe from people and life.  The one person she missed most was Nathaniel Vance who left town after the verdict.  Nate was first suspected of the crime but felt the town had already assuaged his guilt.  Fifteen years later, the man accused of killing her cousin is paroled and is out for revenge and a young woman is soon found murdered.  Ellis and Nate pull together, despite their growing attraction to each other, to try and get the evidence needed to put this man behind bars.  All is not as it seems as we learn there’s more to the attack on her cousin.  The closer they get to the truth, the more danger they both face.  I enjoyed this romantic suspense story.  [4 stars – really liked it]

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