Dirty Deeds by Suzanne Price is the second book in the “Grime Solvers” mystery series.  Publisher: Signet, July 2008

Between her newspaper column and her cleaning clients, cleaning wiz Sky Taylor is on her way to a stable, self-sufficient life. All she needs now is a contract to clean City Hall. What she doesn’t need is another messy murder investigation. What does she get? Both.

The body of Kyle Fipps, real estate developer and wannabe actor, is the untidiest remnant of the Art Association’s annual holiday bash. With his pack of scheming enemies, and a smattering of even less trustworthy friends, it’s very likely he was murdered. But when the investigation leads straight to City Hall, will Sky be the next one getting swept under the rug?

Sky Taylor is a newspaper columnist and does clean ups in Pigeon Cove, MA.  While on a job that her best friend Chloe Edwards helped her get, they notice that someone is sleeping in a hammock; and after trying to wake him, they find him dead.  What appears like a simple death of natural causes turns into a case of murder that leads to embezzlement, adultery and public officials.  This was a fun read with lots of cleaning tips.  [3.5 stars – liked it]

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