Fat Chance by Rhonda Pollero is the third book in the “Finley Anderson Tanner” mystery series.  Publisher: Pocket, March 2009

The difference between the wrath of God and the wrath of your mother is that eventually God forgives you.

Finley Anderson Tanner just landed a quaint new cottage on posh Palm Beach. Not bad for an underachieving, sample-sale-shopping paralegal — until she finds the place in shambles. She should have known better than to accept her overbearing mother’s offer to sell her a house unseen at a bargain-basement mortgage rate. Good-bye Rolex dreams. At this rate, she’ll be shopping designer outlets forever.

When Finley discovers a skeleton in her new closet, right where her Jimmy Choos should be, a total home renovation is the least of her worries. Sure, she knows how to catch a crook, but when a girl’s sandwiched between sexy P.I. Liam McGarrity and her hot new boss, defense attorney Tony Caprelli, she can only be headed for commitment. To an institution. With her fabulous (but slightly more successful) friends to keep her sane and her interfering mother out of town, Finley vows to get this bad guy — and decorate her new house — even if she has to pay full price.

Finley is back at work as an estates and trusts paralegal for Dane, Lieberman and Zarnowksi having earned a big bonus and an apology from the senior partner.  Finley’s passion is buying upscale fashion at discounted prices and surviving by the skin of her teeth.  Her mother presents her with a Palm Beach cottage, of course, with strings attached and it is Finley’s worst nightmare when she views the property that she just bought.  What should Finley and her friends find but a skeleton in the closet and thus begins the adventures of Finley trying to discover who the body is and why are people trying to kill her.  I love all the characters in this book especially Finley and Liam.  There is so much in this book with the murder mystery and the humor that is Finley.  I enjoyed reading this fun and entertaining story and can’t wait for the next book in the series.  [4 stars – really liked it]

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