Smart Girls Think Twiceby Cathie Linz is the third book in the “Rock Creek” romance series.  Publisher: Berkley Sensation (Penguin), January 2009

Sociologist Emma Riley’s new research project depends on a sexy bartender who wants nothing to do with her project—and certainly nothing to do with Emma. Too bad she’s way too smart to ever take no for an answer.

Emma Riley comes home to Rock Creek, PA for the weddings of her two older sisters and to conduct a sociological research on the re-emergence of small town.  While trying to set up an interview with Jake Slayter, a recent transplant to the town, for her research, she is accosted by one of the locals and successfully defends herself against him.  Jake has his own secret as to why he’s in Rock Creek, but along the way he’s invited to wedding, falls in love with Emma, finds a dog and discovers that love triumphs over all.  I really enjoyed this story and the wonderful dynamics of the sisters and their mother and the people that are involved with them.  This was a delightful romance story.  [4 stars – really liked it]

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