The Whispering Room by Amanda Stevens is about homicide detective Evangeline Theroux who is a widowed mom looking into the death of a prominent lawyer.  Suddenly this case and the case of her murdered cop husband seem to be connected by one person.  Evie meets Lena Saunders who tells her the story of Mary Ann Lemay who murdered her sons because of the “evil” gene.  FBI agent Declan Nash give Evie more insight into the situation and then is forced to tell her about what her husband was up to.  With all this going on, Evie senses that someone is following her and as she gets closer to the truth, her life as she knew it is shattered when her son goes missing.  This thriller was very intense and I could not put this book down.  [4.5 stars – it was amazing]

*new-to-me author

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