Ocean Waves by Terri Thayer is the third book in the “Quilting” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, April 2009

Quilt shop owner Dewey Pellicano intends to mix business with pleasure at the Sewing-by-the-Sea Symposium in Asilomar, California. But her plan is ruined by Mercedes Madsen, the militant conference organizer who acts more like a dictator than a director.

Now tangled up in a bundle of trouble, Dewey is facing a notorious “ghost,” a mysterious missing woman, a stolen heirloom sewing box, and a mountain lion on the loose. . . and that’s before she stumbles across the dead body. Armed only with blueprint fabric and her wits, Dewey must try to find a pattern in this crazy quilt of a murder mystery.

Dewey Pellicano, owner of QP quilt shop n San Jose, CA.  Dewey is spending one week at the Sewing-by-the Sea Symposium in Asilomar, CA where she hopes to learn more about the art of quilting.  Instead of a pleasant conference, Dewey is frightened on her first night by a scream; sees a woman fall or jump into the ocean; learns about a “ghost”; meets a wife abuser who is looking for his wife; an heirloom sewing box is stolen and the strict leader is found dead in her cabin by Dewey.  Dewey is on her own as she tries to piece the facts together to catch the killer before she is the next victim.  This was a very enjoyable story and it gave me some ideas of how to approach my quilting projects.  [4 stars – really liked it]

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