No Such Thing As A Good Blind Date by Shelly Fredman is the second book in the “Brandy Alexander” mystery series.  Publisher: AuthorHouse, October 2006

Brandy and her friends are back in the second book in the Brandy Alexander Mystery Series No Such Thing As A Good Blind Date When childhood friend and recent parolee Toodie Ventura suggests he exchange his plumbing services for the spare room in twenty-eight year old Brandy Alexander’s house, the out-of-work new homeowner thinks it’s a pretty good idea. That is, until she discovers a dismembered body in the freezer and the suspect topping the list is the now missing Toodie. Brandy refuses to accept her old friend is a cold-blooded killer and, with the help of her ex-boyfriend, (police detective Bobby DiCarlo) and sexy mystery man Nicholas Santiago she sets out to prove Toodie’s innocence. Soon, Brandy finds herself up to her neck in stalkers and deranged killers, all the while juggling some of the worst blind dates ever!

When her childhood friend Toodie offers to fix her plumbing for a place to sleep, unemployed and recent new homeowner, Brandy readily accepts the deal.  Things are good until she is with her blind date and opens the freezer where a headless torso pops out.  The police suspects Toodie, but Brandy sticks by her friend by sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and suddenly her life is threatened and she is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend’s wife.  I enjoyed this story and it was fun to learn more about Brandy and her friends.  The growing attraction between Brandy and Nick is titillating.  [3.5 stars – really liked it]

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