A Night at the Operation by Jeffrey Cohen is the third book in the “Double Feature” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), May 2009

Most men wouldn’t be terribly upset if their ex-wives suddenly vanished. But most men aren’t Elliot Freed. So when his ex-wife Dr. Sharon Simon-Freed goes missing, Elliot finds it hard to focus on running Comedy Tonight, his all-comedy movie theatre.  Especially when it’s rumored that Sharon might be somehow connected to a patient’s death—which looks like murder.

While his theatre starts to fall apart and his most trusted employee threatens to quit, Elliot embarks on a frantic search for his ex with help from second (and thankfully son-to-also-be-ex) husband, his passive-aggressive mother and desperate-to-please father, and his good friend Detective Meg Vidal. Because murder is no laughing matter…

This is a good combination of mystery, mayhem and old movie comedies that somehow tie together.  My rating: 3.5 

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