Beneath Bone Lake by Colleen Thompson  Heroine: Ruby Monroe; Hero: Sam McCoy; Location: Bone Lake, Texas Publisher: Love Spell, May 2009

Ruby Monroe knows she’s way out of her depth the minutes she lays eyes on Sam McCoy.  She’s been warned to steer clear of this neighbor, the sexy bad boy with a criminal past.  But wither four-year-old daughter missing, her home incinerated and her own life threatened by a tattooed gunman, where else can she turn?  Drowning in the flood of emotion unleashed by their mind-blowing encounters, Ruby is horrified to learn an unidentified body has been dredged up, the local sheriff is somehow involved, and Sam hasn’t told her all he knows.  Has she put her trust in the wrong man and jeopardized her very survival by uncovering secrets…

This action-packed romantic suspense story kept me turning the page until the conclusion.  Very enjoyable story, with all that I like: mystery, suspense and romance.  My rating: 4 stars

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