Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos by Donna Andrews is the third book in the “Meg Langslow” mystery series.  Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, November 2002

Ornamental blacksmith Meg Langslow, her boyfriend Michael, and their extended families have dressed up in costumes for a reenactment of the siege of Yorktown, complete with cannons and a crafts fair.  Self-employed Meg fervently hopes her booth selling bayonets, buckles and pothooks will be a business bonanza.

But personal battles are soon raging.  An entrepreneur working with her brother nearly comes to blows with several craftspeople, including Meg.  Meg has hidden a dozen modern pink lawn flamingos under her counter, a deed that can get her a fine – or worse, suspected of murder.  When the businessman is killed with one of her birds, Meg and her friends head the list of suspects. Now determined to find the killer by hook or crook, Meg is ruffling feathers and risking something more precious than an iron flamingo…her life.

I continue to enjoy this series and learning more about Meg, her family and friends.  The characters are what brings me back to this series and anticipating the antics they get in and how it is resolved at the conclusion.  My rating: 4 stars

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