Southern Peril by T. Lynn Ocean is the third book in the “Jersey Barnes” mystery series.  Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, June 2009

Meet Jersey Barnes, the South’s most unconventional security specialist, who has finally decided to leave home without a weapon. Her early retirement is for good this time, and she’s ready to stuff her government-bought boobs into a bikini top and vacation someplace tropical.  But before she has a chance to choose where, a judge friend calls in a favor.

Forgetting about frozen banana drinks and hot-oil massages, Jersey agrees to figure out what secrets are putting the judge’s brother, Morgan, in danger.  His apartment has been burglarized and it appears as though somebody is watching his every move.  Not one to overreact, Morgan dismissed the judge’s concern as an overprotective big sister’s paranoia.  He just wants to succeed in his new business venture, Wilmington’s most hip eatery, which was left o Morgan when his father died.

It’s not until Morgan has a close call with death that he confides in Jersey. His father may have been murdered and Morgan thinks he knows why.  But he can’t divulge further details without opening  the door to his own humiliating secret and risk losing the restaurant.

While trying to keep her zany father out of trouble and exploring unfamiliar territory with her business-partner-turned-lover, Jersey throws herself back in ac t ion to find some answers for the judge.

Get ready to hold your breath in suspense and release it when you laugh out loud as you go on another adventure with Jersey Barnes.

Will Jersey ever retire?  The odds are against that notion. Doing a favor for a friend soon escalates into involvement with the DEA.  This was a fun read especially with the antics of Jersey’s father, Spud and his friends.  My rating: 4 stars

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