Strangle a Loaf of Italian Bread by Denise Dietz is the fourth book in the “Ellie Bernstein/Lt. Peter Miller” mystery series.

When Barbra Streisand clone Sara Lee is strangled with a Daffy Duck necktie prior to the open auditions for a community theater production of Hello, Dolly!, diet club leader Ellie Bernstein wants to know why everybody didn’t like Sara Lee.

Ellie’s significant other, homicide detective Peter Miller, wants her to keep her lovely, overly sensitive nose out of his business. He’s deathly afraid he’ll find her trashed in the Dumpster that overshadows the alley in back of Uncle Vinnie’s Gourmet Italian Restaurant—the backdrop for Sara Lee’s murder.

But Ellie doggedly pursues a rollercoaster of clues, even though her daily routine is disrupted by a border collie named Scout Finch Lester when Ellie—who has never been owned by a dog—somewhat reluctantly agrees to dog-sit a diet club member’s beloved pet. Only problem is, Scout’s owner seems to have disappeared into thin air.

Ellie really should have discussed the per-sitting assignment with her regal black Persian, Jackie Robinson, first.  If looks could kill.

This was a fun book to read and I love the recipes that were part of the storyline.  My rating: 3 stars

*new-to-me author

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