Black At Heart by Leslie Parrish is the third book in the “Black CATs” romantic suspense trilogy. Publisher: Signet Eclipse (Penguin), September 2009

A group of elite FBI special agents has been brought together to form the Cyber Action Team, aka CAT–and they have one mission: to solve Internet-related murders.

Even as he devotes himself to catching the Internet’s most despicable criminals, Wyatt Blackstone has become a master of detaching himself from his work. But now, after the lost of a vulnerable young agent for whom he cared deeply, Wyatt’s renowned icy control is starting to crack. For not only has someone started picking of off evildoers, one brutal murder after another, but the clues to the crime point to an absolutely impossible suspect: the very woman he thought he’d lost

This was a good read that kept me turning the pages to see will happen next. Evidence left at the multiple murder scenes continually points to Lily who is believed dead. With Brandon and the team’s help, Wyatt sets out to find the serial killer while protecting Lily. The relationship between Lily and Wyatt grows and the incidents from their past is out in the open. When Lily’s life is threatened the team steps n before she is lost again. My rating: 4 stars

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