Foxy Roxy by Nancy Martin is the first book in the new “Roxy Abruzzo” mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, January 2011

Big truck, big dog, big hair. Bad attitude.

Roxy Abruzzo, bestseller Nancy Martin’s latest creation, is the sexy, streetwise niece of a Pittsburgh crime boss, and she’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow . . . most of the time. But now and then temptation is just too much for hot-blooded Roxy. As she prowls the mean streets looking for architectural treasures, she can’t help swiping an ancient Greek statue that’s not exactly hers. Then the statue’s owner, heir to a billion-dollar steel fortune, gets himself killed, and the police investigation sweeps Roxy into a mess that requires all of her wits and wiles to escape. All this plus a dotty grand dame, a slippery lawyer, and an avaricious socialite or two makes for a lethal combination of danger and desperation—with Roxy in the middle.

We are introduced to Roxy who is smart, sexy and tough as nails but with a good heart where it matters. While on a salvaging job, Roxy sees a marble statue that could be valuable and since the house was to be blown up, Roxy didn’t see anything wrong in taking the statue. Little did she know that this would lead to murder which inadvertently puts her family in danger. This was a good read and an enjoyable mystery that I couldn’t put down.  I look forward to more adventures with Roxy. 

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