Sink Trap by Christy Evans is the first book in the new “Georgiana Neverall” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), October 2009

Clues can be found in the most unlikely places….

When Georgiana Neverall’s fast-paced, corporate lifestyle goes down the drain, she moves back home to Pine Ridge, Oregon, and makes an unconventional choice—to apprentice herself to Barry the Plumber. Her uptight, super-successful Realtor mother, Sandra, is disgusted. She never dreamed she’d see a Neverall in overalls toiling under someone’s sink.

Georgiana loves her new occupation, but is a bit surprised when she finds the favorite brooch of Martha Tepper, the town’s former librarian, clogging a sink. Martha supposedly retired to Arizona, but everyone who knows her says she never would have left without that brooch. Georgiana has a sinking feeling that Martha may have been retired permanently—and suddenly it’s up to a plumber’s apprentice to flush out a killer.

Georgiana, ex CEO of her own company and now a plumber’s apprentice, finds a brooch stuck in a sink. When she discovers that the owner would never leave town without it, Georgie sets out to locate the missing owner, especially when those close to her don’t know her new address. With best friend Sue, Georgie flushes out clues to the mystery of “where is Martha?” This was a great mystery that I read in one sitting and a great beginning to a wonderful new series. My rating: 4 stars

Christy Evans is the pseudonym of Christina F. York

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