True Blue by David Baldacci is the first book in a new series. Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, October 2009

A mysterious high-profile homicide in the nation’s capital collides with the dark side of national security in David Baldacci’s new, heart-stopping thriller, True Blue.

Mason “Mace” Perry was a firebrand cop on the D.C. police force until she was kidnapped and framed for a crime. She lost everything—her badge, her career, her freedom—and spent two years in prison. Now she’s back on the outside and is focused on one mission: to be a cop once more.

Her only shot to be a true blue again is to solve a major case on her own, and prove she has the right to wear the uniform. But even with her police chief sister on her side, she has to work in the shadows: a vindictive U.S. attorney is looking for any reason to send her back behind bars.

Then Roy Kingman enters her life.

Roy Kingman is a young lawyer who aided the poor until he took a high-paying job at a law firm in Washington. Mace and Roy meet after he discovers the dead body of a female partner at the firm.

Their investigation into the lawyer’s death reveals surprising secrets from both the private and public world of the nation’s capital, and what began as a fairly routine homicide investigation takes a terrifying and unexpected turn into something complex, diabolical, and possibly lethal.

The only way Mace knows to get her cop job back is to solve a major case. The downside is that someone is putting up roadblocks in her quest to clear her name and get her job back. With assistance from lawyer friend Roy and her police-chief sister Mace sets out to clear her name. This was a great story and once the action started, I couldn’t put this book down. My rating: 4 stars

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