Take Me For a Ride by Karen Kendall is the third book in the “Artemis” romantic suspense series. Signet Eclipse, November 2009

A stolen necklace, a hidden family treasure and the Russian mob collide in a sizzling-hot romance from the “witty, irresistible” imagination of Karen Kendall . . .

Art restorer Natalie Rosen is a true romantic, inspired by the world’s treasures—and nothing incites her passion more than the legendary St. George necklace, a lost family heirloom believed to originate from Catherine the Great. When against all odds the necklace turns up in her office fore it goes to auction, Natalie takes drastic measures to keep it in the family.

Hard-living recovery agent Eric McDougal is no gentleman, but then, he’s never advertised himself as one. He thrives on charming women—and stolen art. Now he gets a dream assignment to do both. He thinks it’ll be a cinch, but he doesn’t count on his high-octane attraction to Natalie, or that she’ll unwittingly lead them both into a dangerous underworld where falling in love is as much a part of the game as staying alive.

I loved this story where some of the other agents were present throughout.  Eric is on the job when he meets Natalie, the “accidental thief” and starts to feel more for her as he’s working with her to retrieve the lost item.  In order to retrieve the lost item, they travel from the streets of New York, to Connecticut and to Russia.  What a fun ride with romance and suspense wrapped in one story.  My rating: 4 stars

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