Dial Om for Murder by Diana Killian is the second in the “Mantra for Murder” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, November 2009

As the owner of Sacred Balance yoga studio, (Anna Jolie) A. J. Alexander has learned to embrace her newfound happiness—until some local diva drama shocks her chakra.

A.J. Only has two A-list students in her yoga studio, but these divas are enough to drain her sanity. Leading actress Nicole Manning and reality-show star Barbie Siragusa are not only divas, but vicious rivals. A.J. tries her best to keep the peace, but when she finds Nicole in a permanent corpse pose, all fingers point to Barbie.

Nudged into investigating by her mother—and despite the objections of her new detective boyfriend—A.J. is determined to find the true culprit. It’s going to take some really deep digging—and deep breathing—to was through all this celebrity dirt. But A.J.’s not about to let camera crews, the paparazzi or a cold-blooded murderer disrupt her hard-earned inner peace.

When one of A.J.’s students is murdered, the list of suspects grow with the help of her mother and ex-husband. Meanwhile, A.J. is experience a sense of change in her relationship with her mother, ex-husband, her co-manager and with Jake. Will A.J.’s snooping assist in bringing the murderer to justice and will it make her relationship stronger? I enjoyed this fact-paced mystery and look forward to reading the next book in this series. My rating: 4 stars

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