High Anxiety by Charlotte Hughes is the third book in the “Kate Holly Case” mystery series. Publisher: Jove Books (Penguin), December 2009

The mind is a terrible thing to examine…

Psychologist Kate Holly feels like she’s ready for a strait-jacket. Her most recent patients include members of an anger management group who are directing their rage at her, and a man obsessed with overdosing on cologne after an unfortunate “sewage incident.” How is she supposed to bring people like these down to earth when her own head remains stuck in the clouds over her firefighter ex-husband?

And when Kate’s secretary is forced to take a personal leave of absence, she has no choice but to hire a temp. Abigail Davis is a competent worker with a friendly personality and—after altering her hairstyle and fashion sense to identically match Kate’s—more issues than a lifetime subscription to Psychology Today

Kate and her friends are back and this time Kate has a stalker who’ll do anything to be like Kate. This was an enjoyable and fast read filled with action and witty dialogue. There was some tender moments when her family and friends came together to comfort Kate in her time of crisis. What a great ride. My rating: 5 stars

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