Renegade by Catherine Mann is the third book in the “Dark Ops” romantic suspense series. Publisher: Berkley Sensation (Penguin), January 2010


Tech Sergeant Mason “Smooth” Randolph lives to push boundaries—whether by bucking his wealthy family’s expectations and joining the Air Force or by working outside the box on top secret flight projects. But he never could have anticipated how far outside the box he would land when an in-flight accident sends him parachuting into Nevada’s notorious Area 51—and into the handcuffs of sexy security cop Jill Walczak.

As a member of a covert surveillance force, Jill is searching for a serial killer inside the Air Force—and the last thing she needs is some rebel aviator threatening her case. However, the smoky cloud Mason flew through during his parachute landing may have been toxic fallout from biochemical experiments—forcing Jill into quarantine with the reckless flyboy. Now, Jill has to keep her eye on Mason without getting distracted by the growing passion between them, and find the assassin before he ends her investigation, permanently.

Another good story in the Dark Ops series. This time a serial killer has targeted people who are connected to Mason and when threats are made against Jill, both will do what needs to be done to capture this killer. My rating: 4 stars

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