Reclaim My Life by Cheryl Norman is the second book in the “Mustang Sally” romantic suspense series. Publisher: Medallion Press, September 2009

When Sofia Desalvo enters the Witness Security Program, she transforms her sleek, sophisticated image into nondescript ordinary Elizabeth Stevens, an English professor with a passion for Shakespeare.  In a quiet small town she disappears to pursue a teaching career without the threat of an assassin lurking in the shadows.  She must testify against Frank Sullivan, a respected Lexington doctor accused of racketeering in a multistate illegal gambling ring and murdering a Kentucky Derby-winning jockey.  Until this organized crime leader is convicted, she will live with a contract on her life.  Sullivan wants her dead.

Sheriff Wilson Drake never knew Sofia Desalvo. He meets a plain, toned-down version of the intelligent beauty. Yet Sofia’s charisma and charm emanate from Elizabeth, her beautiful alter-ego with a gift for drama. Jaded by her ex-fiance, she fears intimacy with any man. Wilson finds the magnetic professor irresistible and alluring…with a dangerous past.

When two women close to Elizabeth are murdered, his once-safe community turns into a sinister domain where high-stakes investigation takes over. It’s only a matter of planning and time before the killer hits again, sending another victim to a premature, violent death. Wilson knows that Elizabeth is next, and it’s up to him to protect her. Next time…the woman he loves will die.

This was a very enjoyable story. I like the tone and the characters of this book. I also liked how we saw the relationship between Wil and Elizabeth grow. He bought out the best in her and she bought out the best in him giving them both the confidence they needed. My rating: 4.5 stars

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