Lois Lane Tells All by Karen Hawkins is the second book in the “The Glory NC” contemporary romance series. Publisher: Pocket Star, March 2010

She thinks she’s Lois Lane. . .
Susan Collins wants to be a hard-hitting reporter, but there’s never been much call for her talents in sleepy Glory, North Carolina. But when the Murder Mystery Club—a trio of bored but enterprising octogenarians—decide to open their own CSI lab at the assisted living center, and strange ‘accidents’ begin to happen around town, Susan senses she might have discovered the news story of her dreams.

He doesn’t want to be her Superman. . .
Mark Tremayne has agreed to come back to Glory and to take over as CFO of The Glory Examiner. His job is to keep the newspaper profitable, which means covering the annual Baptist Bake-Off and selling ads for the county fair, not allowing his main and too-sexy-for-her(and his)-own-good reporter to hare off after a wild story that seems to have brought out the worst in one of Glory’s many colorful residents.

But together . . . they’re Kryptonite.
Mark’s and Susan’s viewpoints on how to run a paper are from different planets, but their mutual attraction is in total alignment. Despite their arguments, the indomitable redhead and the hot accountant are a sexual explosion waiting to happen.

And when it does, Glory had better watch out!

I love this story and the town of Glory, NC. Mark and Susan at first fight their mutual attraction for one another until they give into it and it was fun watching their relationship grow. Along with the romance was a bit of mystery as to what happened to the money from the bake-off and who is trying to kill Susan. What I liked most was the humor and banter between the two. My rating: 4.5 stars

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