Laughed ‘Til He Died by Carolyn Hart is the 20th book in the “Death on Demand” mystery series. Publisher: William Morrow, April 2010

Intrigue and foul play are no strangers to the idyllic South Carolina sea island of Broward’s Rock. Mystery bookstore owner Annie Darling and her husband, Max, who specialize in solving problems, plunge into a startling web of danger and deceit when a trio of deaths is linked to the island’s youth recreation center.

With the evidence mounting against her, the center’s director seeks out Max to clear her name. When it comes to intrigue, where Max goes, Annie isn’t far behind. To save an innocent woman, the pair scrambles to unravel three complex interlinked puzzles: the mystery of three guns, the pulled-out pant pockets of one victim, and the disappearance of a teenager whose stepfather always had the last laugh—until he died.

This was an enjoyable and fun visit with Max and Annie Darling. This time Jean, the director of the rec center, needs Max’s help in charge of murdering her boss who was about to have her fired from her job. When it looks like the police is not looking for other suspects, Max, Annie along with Emma, Henny and Laurel gather information to find the killer. One of the things I like when reading Carolyn Hart’s books are the authors that are mentioned in her novels for us, the reader, to discover. My rating: 5 stars

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