Cut To The Corpse by Lucy Lawrence is the second book in the “Decoupage” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), April 2010

Teaching decoupage classes to the locals of Morse Point is all the excitement Brenna Miller ever needs. But just under the varnish of this small New England town is a criminal craft called murder.

Brenna Miller’s never been one for gossip, so when the whispers start about Tara Montgomery’s engagement to Jake Haywood, she’d just as soon stay out of it. She’s happy to prepare decoupage wedding favors, and even tag along on the bridesmaids’ party—but waking Tara up the morning after turns out to be a bit more than Brenna bargained for.

She finds Tara passed out in bed with her fiance’s best friend, but the apparent infidelity is not the worst of it. The boy is dead, and Tara is holding the murder weapon. Now, with the bride-to-be unable to remember what happened, it’s up to Brenna to sift through the hearsay and get to the truth, before Tara’s future turns to shreds.

Brenna is doing wedding favors at the request of the bride’s mother. When she goes to pick up the bride, she finds the bride deep in sleep holding a bloody knife with her fiance’s best friend laying next to her in bed, dead. Brenna doesn’t believe the bride is capable of this murder and when another person is murdered and her life threatened, Brenna does all that she can to bring the killer to justice. My rating: 3.5 stars

Lucy Lawrence is the pseudonym for Jenn McKinlay

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