Corpse on The Cob by Sue Ann Jaffarian is the 5th book in the “Odelia Grey” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, February 2010

What do you have to lose when you go searching for the mother who walked out of your life thirty-four years ago? I mean besides your pride, your nerves, and your sanity?

Odelia finds herself up to her ears in trouble when she reunites with her mom in a corn maze at the Autumn Fair in Holmsbury, Massachusetts. For starters, there’s finding the dead body in the cornfield—and seeing her long-lost mom crouched beside the corpse with blood on her hands.

This was a good read. Odelia’s first sighting of her mother is over a body. Not again. She finally learns the reason her mother walked out on her and discovers that she has two half-brothers. When her mother is first suspected in the murder, Odelia’s refuses to leave until she proves that her mother is innocent and finds the killer. I can’t wait to read the next book in this fun series. My rating: 4 stars

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