Not One Clue by Lois Greiman is the 5th and final book in the “Christina McMullen” mystery series. Publisher: Dell, April 2010

L.A. psychologist Christina McMullen’s relationship with Detective Jack Rivera is heating up—until a client threatens to put a damper on their sparks. Chrissy has been counseling Micky Goldenstone to face the secrets from his past, but she had no idea that they would lead to a dangerous confrontation with a criminal even the police can’t protect her from. To make matters worse, Chrissy’s best friend, Hollywood starlet Laney Butterfield, has started getting creepy mail that’s turning stalker-ugly. And Chrissy’s neighbor desperately needs her help to rescue her runaway sister from an abusive husband. When it comes to swimming in a sea of crazy, Chrissy is a pro, but she’ll need more than a few clues to keep her head above water.

This was another great book in this series that I couldn’t put down. Chrissy gets herself involved in several cases that appears to warrant someone keeping an eye on her. Who should that person be? Not the hot detective that is panting after her. This was a fine conclusion to this series. My rating: 4 stars

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