Janey Webster, E.B.* (Experienced Babysitter) by Kate Collins. Heroine: Janey Webster. Genre: Young Adult. Publisher: Smashwords, June 2010

As an experienced babysitter, Janey Webster can handle just about any situation, or so she claims. In this collection of sixteen humorous stories, Janey has to prove she’s up to any challenge, including sitting for a boy known as Timmy the Terrible, the Mayor’s children, a family of five, a crabby Grandma, and a cub scout troop. At the end, test your own skills by taking Janey’s Babysitter’s Test and see if you deserve the rank of E.B. (Experienced Babysitter).

What a great book. Janey’s job as babysitter has her encountering all types of situation which she handles with ease. This collection of short stories will have you reliving your babysitting duties and wonder why you didn’t do what Janey did in the same situation. Future babysitters and adults will enjoy this as well. My rating: 4.5 stars

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