Bah! Humbug by L.L. Bartlett is the second short story in the “Jeff Resnick” mystery series. Publisher: Polaris Press, July 2010

It’s Christmastime—the day after Cheated By Death ended. Jeff and Maggie spend Christmas dinner with Maggie’s family, who are not receptive to her new significant other. It’ll be a Christmas to remember—but who wants to?

It’s Christmas and Jeff is spending the day with Maggie’s family, who are not very welcoming, and we watch as the concern mounts in Jeff’s mind that something is amiss. This was a great short story as the anticipation and nervousness of what is going to happen kept me glued to the pages. The author’s words take you into the scene and throughout the story you definitely feel what Jeff is feeling. A good job, well done. My rating: 5 stars

L.L. Bartlett is the pseudonym of Lorraine Bartlett who writes the “Victoria Square” mystery series and as Lorna Barrett, the New York Times best-selling “Booktown” mystery series.

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