A Breath of Magic by Tracy Madison is the third book in the “Magic” paranormal romantic series. Publisher: Leisure (Dorchester Publishing), April 2010

Waiting to exhale

Chloe Nichols is holding her breath. All her life, finding true happiness with a family has seemed as easy as…well, snagging a bubble off the wind—a bubble that her current boyfriend seems dead set on bursting. Yes, every time Chloe mentions her one true desire, Kyle shoots down her hopes. But he hasn’t reckoned with the awesome power of Gypsy magic, or with loyal kith and kin. One way or another, Chloe’s going to get her happily-ever-after. One could sometimes be found after you’d convinced a man he loves you, right? All Fate needs is a little puff in the right direction…

Chloe is so desperate to get married and have her magical powers that she forgets what life and romance really is. My rating: 3 stars

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