The Way of the Guilty by Jennifer Stanley is the third book in the “Hope Street Church” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, September 2010

Cooper Lee has a new outlook on life, thanks to her friends at Hope Street Church. Spending time with the Sunrise Bible Study Group nourishes her mind and soul. But home is where the heart is—along with Mrs. Lee’s baked treats—and Cooper is indeed happy to have such a great family to come home to when not spending time with Nathan, a friend from the group who just might be (fingers crossed) The One. So when her sister, Ashley, is implicated in a gruesome murder, Cooper snaps into action. Along with Nathan and her friends from Hope Street, Cooper vows to solve this unholy mess—with a wing, a prayer, and a small dose of snooping.

Ashley finds a dead body in her car and not leaving the case to the police, Cooper begins her own investigation. With help from new and old friends, Cooper’s discovery leads to a shady business that hits a little too close to home. This story was non-stop action and a spiritual escape as I couldn’t put this book down. With snippets of bible verses heading each chapter, you watch as Cooper and friends use their bible lessons to help them solve the mystery. Relationships play a strong role in this story as Cooper and friends deal with life events, both good and bad. This was a wonderful story that left you with a feel-good inspiration. My rating: 5 stars

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