Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders by Peggy Webb is the third book in the “Southern Cousins” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington, October 2010

A lovable basset hound who’s convinced he’s the King reincarnated. A blonde bombshell mooning the lobby of the ritziest hotel in the South. And a murder witnessed by a parade of fame-hungry ducks? Something’s afoul, alright, and it’s definitely a case for the Southern Cousins.

Callie Valentine Jones and her cousin Lovie really have their work cut out for them this time. Callie’s mama Ruby Nell has gone and entered herself—and her hunk-a-geriatric-love dance partner—in a Memphis mambo contest, hoping to shake, rattle and roll her way to stardom. And if the past is any indication, she’ll need at least two chaperones.

But someone at the competition is determined to step on a lot of blue suede shoes. First, a serial monogamist in a bright pink gown does a fatal swan dive from the top of the hotel. Then Callie finds an overdressed diva floating in a famous fountain. Now there can be no question: A murderer is loose in Memphis, and he’s got a lot of killing to do.

With help from Jack, the mysteriously reappearing ex Callie just can’t get over and her delusional dog Elvis, Callie and Lovie are going to have to track down some answers before mayhem strikes again. And with Ruby Nell in the killer’s sights, they’ll need a little less conversation and a lot more action if they want their family waltzing home in one piece…

You’ll always have a good time hanging with Callie and Lovie. This time they are in Memphis to watch Ruby Nell in a dance competition when bodies are found and mama is convinced that she was also an intended victim. Callie and Lovie as well as Elvis are on the case to sniff out the murderer before they too, become victims. I simply adore this series because you never know what is going to happen on the next page, but you will be smiling from ear to ear. This was a fun and enjoyable read that will definitely leave you all shook up. I also hope that Callie does not give up. My rating: 5 stars

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