Cursed by Misa Ramirez is the first book in the “Mexican Legends” romantic suspense series. Publisher: Diversion Books, September 2010

Most people think the Spanish legend of la Llorona, a woman who killed her children to be with the man she loved, is just a story. High school teacher, Johanna Rios, knows the truth. A descendant of la Llorona’s one surviving child, Joanna’s mother fell victim to the curse, drowning as she tried to kill Johanna and her sister Carmen. When one of Johanna’s former students, dressed in a white peasant dress like the crying woman herself, turns up drowned in the San Julio River, Johanna’s world turns upside down.

The curse is back.

Single father Ray Vargas is filled with guilt. His daughter’s friend, a former student from the high school where he’s principal, is dead and he could have prevented it. When Johanna Rios, one of his teachers, reveals her obsession with la Llorona and thinks three more people will die, each one representing a different version of the crying woman’s story, he will do whatever it takes to stop the killings from happening.

But with danger closing in and his own daughter at risk, Ray must join forces with Johanna to confront the legend, the curse, and the man behind the killings.

Someone is killing woman according to an old legend and Jo fears that she is the final victim. When Ray discovers that she is the intended victim, he vows to keep her safe. Both leading lonely lives, cling to one another and soon passion is ignited and Ray will do everything in in power to save the woman he loves. Oh my goodness. What a ride that I did not want to get off. This was fast-paced action that kept me turning the pages and then that twist, oh man, I never saw that one coming. This is an awesome read. My rating: 5 stars

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