The Chain Tree by Misa Ramirez is the second book in the “Mexican Legends” romantic suspense series. Publisher: Diversion Books, September 2010

After a horrible night that haunts her still, Delaney West ran away from her home in San Julio, Texas, and out of Vic Vargas’ life. But now, plagued by sleepwalking and terrible dreams, she is back, working at the local vet clinic, and trying to make some sense of her screwed up life. But animals have started dying, their bodies drained of blood, and the marks on their carcasses have churned up the old legends of the chupacabra. When Delaney awakens far from home and with blood on her hands, she fears she’s turned into the monster she’s been running from all these years.

Vic Vargas sunk his life savings into buying Tierra del Oro, the land that would keep him rooted to the town he loves. He’s never forgiven Delaney West for walking out on him the night before they were to be married and he’s consoled himself the only way he knows how–with booze and women. Just when things are looking up, the son he fathered just after Delaney left him is suddenly on his doorstep, Delaney’s back in town, and ranch animals are turning up dead.

When the town curandera predicts a final–human–sacrifice, Vic and Delaney are forced to confront the past. But will they be too late?

A secret from the past haunts Delaney as she return to her hometown. Seeing Vic brings her back to a love that was lost. Soon after someone is slaughtering animals and Delaney is the catalyst. When Vic and Delaney’s passion reignites again, Vic promises that he will not lose her again. This was another suspenseful and romantic story that kept me turning the pages and again, kept me captivated to see what happens next. My rating: 5 stars

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