Miracle Baby by Laura Bradford. Publisher: Harlequin, November 2010

Maggie Monroe stopped looking for magic ten months, twenty-two days and eight hours ago. Maybe it’s his gift for fixing things. Or maybe it’s because Rory’s known Maggie is the woman for him since the day they met. But he seems intent on bringing the Christmas spirit back into the grieving widow’s life…starting with a unique holiday surprise.

Try as she might, Maggie’s finding it awfully hard to resist a man as persistent—and appealing—as Rory. Hired to restore her uncle’s century-old inn, the Michigan carpenter has taken her on as another task. With his faith and love, can she help along that special miracle only two can create?

After mourning the loss of her husband and child, Maggie decides to move on and embrace what the future may hold for her. I enjoyed this feel-good story filled with the holiday spirit. My rating: 4 stars

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