Sinister Sprinkles by Jessica Beck is the third book in the “Donut Shop” mystery series. Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, November 2010

Just in time for the Winter Festival, a glistening layer of snow has covered the streets of April Springs, North Carolina. Of course, it reminds donut shop owner Suzanne Hart of sweet delicious frosting. But her visions of sugar plums plummet when her ex’s ex-girlfriend gets iced.

Suzanne could never understand why her ex-husband and actor Max cheated on her with Darlene Higgins. Why Darlene’s body was found wearing another woman’s clothes is an even bigger mystery. Now Max is suspected of murder—and Suzanne is sifting through her mixed-up love life looking for clues. If she can’t sprinkle evidence on her half-baked theories of whodunit, Max is as good as fried.

Suzanne is manning her booth at the Winter Carnival, when a dead body is discovered. When her ex-husband becomes the prime suspects, he goes on the lam and Suzanne with help from her friends starts to investigate. This was a good read that kept me turning the pages. I thought I knew who the killer was, but the author had another idea and I didn’t see that one coming. Good plot, nice setting and delicious recipes make this an appetizing read. My rating: 4 stars

FTC Full Disclosure – The publisher sent me a copy of this book.

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