A Decadent Way To Die by G. A. McKevett is the 16th book in the “Savannah Reid” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington, February 2011

As the creator of the world-famous Helene doll, legendary designer Helene Strauss is equally well known for her exquisite taste and her brassy, take-no-prisoners style. While Helene’s business acumen made her a huge success, it also made her quite a few enemies. So when the feisty 80-year-old has several suspicious brushes with death, Savannah Reid is hired to find out why.

Once on the case, Savannah quickly learns that tensions within the Strauss family have been raging for years. To Helene’s chagrin, her niece and arch nemesis, Ada, has managed to claw her way to the helm of the family doll company, steering the business in a seedy new direction. Their latest creation—a sexy fashion doll replete with oversized lips and an over-the-top-boob job—has Helene particularly rankled…leaving Savannah to wonder if the family ties that bind the Strauss’ are tight enough to kill.

With the help of her friend, Detective Dirk Coulter, Savannah discovers that Ada isn’t the only one with a motive to do Helene harm, In fact, the Strauss matriarch is surrounded by friends and family bent on inheriting her fortune by any means necessary. Before long, Savannah is sure she has a handle on the case. But when two key players turn up dead in Helene’s sizzling hot Jacuzzi, Savannah will have to start from scratch—and question everything she thought she knew about the Strauss’ twisted family.

What a great story. Savannah takes a case where someone is trying to harm Helene, a very successful senior citizen, who reminds her of her Granny Reid, with two attempts on her life. When a third attempt is made that proves fatal, it now becomes a murder case and Savannah works hard to stop the killer before another attempt is made. OMG, I could not put this book. This well-written story was filled with intrigued that kept me riveted as this book quickly became a page turner. This book had me on pins and needles and my emotions were filled with happiness, nervousness and exhilaration by the time I finished this book. As usual the rapport between Savannah, Dirk and Tammy were as comfortable as sweet Georgia pie. This is the best book yet and I can’t wait to read the next one in this wonderful and charming series.

G. A. McKevett is the pseudonym of Sonja Massie

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