Murder by the Old Maine Stream by Bernadine Fagan. Publisher: Bernadine Fagan, February 2011

If ever a woman was not cut out for life in a backwoods town in Maine it’s chic city woman Nora Lassiter. If ever there was a misunderstanding about what a woman does for a living, the very idea that Nora could be a “hotshot New York detective” takes the cake.

But when she stumbles upon a body in the woods, and her uncle becomes the prime murder suspect, Nora’s plans to return to New York City are put on hold and she becomes an amateur sleuth determined to catch the murderer and clear her uncle.

On a visit to reconnect with her family in Maine, Nora learns that her aunt has been telling the folks that she was a NY detective, which is not true. Nora stumbled upon a dead body on her family’s land near her uncle place and he immediately becomes the prime suspect when he suddenly disappears. Nora in her own amateur sleuthing way, uncovers clues to the case she is working on that is connected to the murder of the dead man. This was a fun book to read. The mystery was good, since it had me guessing until the end, but it was the characters, the Maine setting and the dialogue that kept me turning the pages. There were several laugh out loud scenes that I did not want this book to end. I hope there are more adventures with Nora.

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