Dead to Writes by Cathy Wiley is the first book in the new “Cassandra Ellis” mystery series. Publisher: Zapstone Productions LLC, August 2010

Author Cassandra Ellis is thrilled to death when her first murder mystery novel is released. She enjoys glowing reviews, praise from friends and family, and all the excitement that comes from being published.

But her celebration is cut short when she becomes the primary suspect for a real life murder. One of the sources she used while writing her novels has been shot, and Cassie is the last to have seen him alive. With her passion for research, she always wanted a firsthand view of the Baltimore City Police Department’s inner workings. She never dreamed she’d get that experience by being taken in for questioning as a suspect.

When another of her experts is murdered a few days later, she decides it’s time to investigate matters firsthand, much to the displeasure of James Whittaker, the homicide detective assigned to the case. Before more friends die… or before Cassie herself is targeted.

Cassie is celebrating her newly published book. She learns that one of sources has been killed and she becomes the prime suspect. Fearing the cops will not look elsewhere, Cassie using resources that she has will seek out clues in order to clear her name and bring the killer to justice. This was a fun book filled with a good mystery, humor and a little romance. This was a quick and enjoyable read.


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