Murder Under Cover by Kate Carlisle is the fourth book in the “Bibliophile” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian (Penguin), May 2011

With her latest project, bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright expects some exciting developments under the cover.

When she receives an exquisite copy of the Kama Sutra from her best friend, Robin, to appraise and restore, Brooklyn Wainwright anticipates re-creating a beautiful book and spicing up her love life. But before Brooklyn can get started, Robin winds up in big trouble: Her apartment is ransacked, and the great guy she recently met lies murdered in her bed. Now Robin is the number one suspect.

Luckily, Brooklyn’s boyfriend, British security expert Derek Stone, has moved to San Francisco and is ready to help. And not a moment too soon, because Brooklyn’s own apartment is found thoroughly searched. To make matters worse, a bleeding Russian stranger barges in, and the earlier victim is identified as Ukrainian, making it clear to Brooklyn that she’s involved in an international conspiracy. Obviously, exploring the Kama Sutra’s bliss will have to wait until after Brooklyn finds the killer.

This was a good read. When Robin, Brooklyn’s friend returns with a gift, little did they both know the havoc that follows them as someone is willing to kill to get it back. A body here, a body there will keep Robin, Brooklyn and Derek on their toes as they unbind the clues to find a killer. This evenly-paced, action-filled drama will have you quickly reading through this story in one sitting. With a shocking twist of fate, you’ll never believe what happened next. With interesting characters, inviting locale, exceptional dialogue and great visualization of bookbinding techniques, this is the best one yet in this fantastic and brilliant series.

FTC Full Disclosure – The publisher sent me a copy of this book

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