Bel-Air Dead by Stuart Woods is the 20th book in the “Stone Barrington” suspense series. Publisher: Putnam, April 2011

In the Bel-Air district of Los Angeles, one of America’s wealthiest and most star-infested communities, Stone Barrington comes face-to-face with his past.

A beautiful Bel-Air widow, already one of the wealthiest women in America, needs Stone’s help to become even more cash-rich. At stake is the sale of her investment in—and the resulting dissolution of—Hollywood’s world-famous Centurion Studios. Stone is no stranger to the stylish and lucrative world of Centurion . . . and he has more than a passing acquaintance with the lady herself.

But when he arrives in Bel-Air to finalize the sale, the tranquility of that famous neighborhood turns out to be no more than a façade. One of L.A.’s most rapacious power brokers has Centurion and its unique real estate in his sights, and he will not be denied. Stone finds himself dragged into a surprisingly complex and high-stakes game, the kind only the truly rich and dangerously ambitious can play . . . and survive.

This was another quick and enjoyable read in the Stone Barrington series. This time Stone is in Los Angeles at the request of an old flame to help her with a business sale she wishes to pursue. As usual, seeing old friends especially the banter between Stone and Dino keeps me reading this series.

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