Called Home by Sheila Connolly is a prequel in the “Orchard” mystery series. Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing, June 2011

The national bestselling author of the Orchard Mysteries presents this short prequel that started Meg Corey’s mysterious adventures on the apple orchard in the small town of Granford, Massachusetts.

Out of a job and living alone in a drafty Colonial house, Meg Corey is supposed to be fixing the house up to sell, but now she’s got the flu and she’s freezing and she feels very sorry for herself. Then Deborah Warren shows up to distract her—but is Deborah a ghost, or just the product of Meg’s feverish imagination?

Choosing to believe that Deborah really is a ghost, Meg sets out to discover the truth of why she’s been around for 200 years when all she wants is to go home.

Sick and feverish while preparing the house for sale, Meg is startled by a surprised visitor who not only speaks to her, but Meg can see through her to the patterned wall. When it is learned that she’s been in the home for centuries and unable to leave, Meg does some snooping and learns the truth which allows Deborah to finally go home. This quick-reading short story was enjoyable and a nice insight into Meg’s early foray being an amateur sleuth.

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