Wined and Died by Cricket McRae is the fifth book in the “Home Crafting” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, July 2011

Something is brewing in Cadyville, and it’s not only dandelion wine. Sophie Mae is intrigued by a recently discovered cassette recording in which a therapist fearfully contemplates her client’s murderous threats. When the same therapist ends up dead, Sophie Mae is lured into another intoxicating investigation, one that explores the age-old art of mead and wine making.

I don’t know how Sophie Mae does it, but she always finds herself involved in a murder plot. This time, listening to a psychotherapist’s tape brings out the inquisitive nature in Sophie Mae and with her junior sidekick, Erin, Sophie tries to warn the family mentioned on the tape that someone wants one of them dead. When a death occurs after giving her warning, Sophie Mae takes us on her journey to find a killer before someone else dies. What a great read. I especially love the first line that opens this wonderful story with its interesting plot involving mead and wine-making. It was great to see the now-married Sophie Mae, Barr and especially the delightful antics of Erin. With lovable characters, fun conversations and a look into another home crafting project, this was enjoyable and I can’t wait to read the next book in this charming series.

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