The Rabbit Died by Sue Ann Jaffarian is the first short story in the “Holidays From Hell” mystery series. Publisher: Sue Ann Jaffarian, June 2011

Zelda Bowen isn’t big on family holidays, but this Easter has all the makings of a world-class disaster. Her father has recently run off with the bimbo at his office, leaving behind the question: who will wear the Easter Bunny costume and pass out the baskets to the kids? A job that, until this year, was always his.

This humorous yet touching story opens with Zelda and her sisters arguing over who should wear the bunny suit and carry on the family tradition. To the delight of her nieces and nephew, Zelda dons the costume, while her mother, toked-up on medicinal marijuana, shoots daggers at the oversized bunny. As emotions and antics ramp up, the day becomes one of those memorable “holidays from hell” many of us have experienced.

This short story was a quick read that was both enjoyable and entertaining. For a family that is dealing with domestic issues, the Bowen family will leave you laughing until your next visit.

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