“Good Morning, Lottawatah, Oklahoma! I’m thrilled to have been asked to take over the morning show for your usual radio host, Mutt Jeffery. My name is Brianna Sullivan and I’m a psychic. I’ve been living in your lovely town for almost a year in my motor home out by Eufaula Lake. I’m sure I’ve had occasion to meet many of you or your relatives – living or dead. This town has just as many ghosts as living folks. Whoops, I see the switchboard is lighting up. Both phone lines are busy and Woody is telling me to take a call.”

“This button here? Hi, this is Brianna. Who am I talking to?”

“If you were really a psychic, you wouldn’t have to ask.”

“Hi Sherriff Bell. I’d recognize that tone anywhere. I’m sure it’s just an oversight, but I’m still waiting on that last check from the city. I think $500 for locating two convenience store robbers and your missing coon dog was a bargain. If you need me to find that wedding ring you …”

“Well that’s the sound of a dial tone folks, seems like the Sheriff had an emergency. Everyone stick their heads out their windows and listen for the sound of a siren.”

“Next caller, Woody.”

“Hi, this is Brianna. Who am I talking to?”

“This is Candy over at Sheer Artistry. You haven’t been in for over a month. Don’t want anyone blaming those dark roots of yours on me. And if you want that waxing-”

“Sorry, Candy. Lost you. Hey folks, lots of static on the line. Probably that blow dryer she was holding. Next call, Woody.”

“Hi, this is Brianna. You’re on with Lottawatah’s best psychic!”

“Brianna, this is Ida Jackson Knox, Cooper’s Great Aunt.”

“Aunt Ida! How was your trip to New Orleans?”

“Long, hot, and smelly. The whole group got food poisoning and the tour bus restroom had a malfunction on the way home. But I didn’t call you to gossip about my trip. I want to know when you and my great nephew are getting married. Cooper’s patrol car is parked outside your motor home at the lake a scandalous number of nights each week.”

“What’s a scandalous number? Never mind. This is a small town. But, hey there’s a lot of crime at the lake, Aunt Ida. Cooper just stops by for a glass of iced tea and my advice. Nothing scandalous about that except for the amount of sugar he puts in his tea.”

“You’re not getting any younger, missy. I was reading in Cosmo that your odds of getting married at your age are about the same as getting abducted by aliens. Which reminds me, can you hold a séance for my quilting group next Thursday night?”

“Sorry. On Thursday my trusty bulldog Leon and I are investigating a haunting at the old courthouse in Fort Smith. Some of the locals are afraid Hanging Judge Parker might be hearing cases again. I think they might have just seen the new True Grit too many times. Good hearing from you though, got to take another call.”

“You’re on with Brianna. What’s your name?”

“I don’t come by your motor home for advice.”

“Cooper, honey. You know I’m always giving you advice.”

“I’m just saying it’s unsolicited. Are we having dinner at Tiny’s Diner tonight or what?”

“Yes, but that’s not a good place for a marriage proposal. Didn’t you hear your Aunt Ida? She …”

“Well, we lost that caller. Must be a lot of bad connections this morning.”

“It’s been fun folks, but tomorrow Mutt will be back with his regular programming and I’ll be out at Larry Wilson’s farm, dowsing for a new water well. Come out and watch if you want. But be sure to write into the station and tell them how much you enjoyed hearing my sweet voice on the air today. I’m looking for another full time gig to pay for groceries and highlights. If you need some ghosts relocated, a mystery solved, or some missing items found, you know who to call.
You can read more about Brianna in LOTTAWATAH TWISTER, the 6th e-book in the Brianna Sullivan mystery series. The first book in this series is I TRY NOT TO DRIVE PAST CEMETERIES.

The life and times of Brianna Sullivan is written by Evelyn David who is the pseudonym for Marian Edelman Borden and Rhonda Dossett. Marian lives in New York and is the author of ten nonfiction books on a wide variety of topics ranging from veterans benefits to playgroups for toddlers! Rhonda lives in Oklahoma, is the coal program director for the state, and in her spare time enjoys imagining and writing funny, scary mysteries. Marian and Rhonda write their mystery series via the internet. While many fans who attend mystery conventions have now chatted with both halves of Evelyn David, Marian and Rhonda have yet to meet in person.

Visit Evelyn’s website at www.evelyndavid.com

Books are available at online booksellers.

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