Thank you for inviting me Dru! I’m delighted to be here. Lately, I’ve been avoiding my real work as an event planner by decorating the community haunted house for Halloween. I’m having loads of fun being creatively creepy with spiderwebs. We’re even setting up a vampire’s bedroom — talk about fun! Of course, it helps that I live in historic Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia. The likes of George Washington walked the ancient sidewalks here, so you can imagine that there are plenty of ghosts hanging around. Sometimes in the fall, when dry leaves rustle by my ankles in a breeze, I can almost feel the ghosts of people who walked the very same streets long ago.

There are those who believe the ghost of my ex-husband’s aunt lives in my house and to be honest, I’m inclined to believe it myself. Strange things happen that I can’t quite explain any other way. But I draw the line at other paranormal beings, and I feel quite certain that the rumors about a certain scary guy named Viktor Luca returning to town are nonsense. It’s great publicity for the haunted house, though, so I’m not about to spoil the fun. Shh, don’t tell anyone that I don’t think there’s a vampire on the loose!

My niece, Jen, her friend, Vegas, and some of their classmates are helping out with the haunted house. My brother warns me that Jen’s upcoming 13th birthday means she is in the process of shapeshifting to the scariest creature of all — a teenager. So far she’s behaving like her sweet self, and I’m enjoying having the kids help out in the haunted house.

Jen and Vegas will be staying with me over Halloween. I’ve already baked cupcakes with chocolate spiderwebs on them. I’m planning to make Monster Fingers and Ghost Potatoes, too, and serve hot cider by the fireplace. What a relief to have crisp fall days after that scorching summer!

It’s troubling, though, that two adult volunteers have quit the project and refused to return to the house. I love Halloween, and who doesn’t like a fun, harmless prank that spooks someone? I could accept one adult being frightened, but now that another one has run (quite literally) from the house, I am just a bit concerned. You don’t suppose the house could really be haunted, do you?
You can read more about Sophie in THE DIVA HAUNTS THE HOUSE, the 5th book in the “Domestic Diva Mystery” series. The first book in the series is THE DIVA RUNS OUT OF THYME.

The life and times of Sophie Winston is written by Krista Davis who lives and writes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She really does have a gregarious Ocicat named Mochie who can open cabinets and leap to amazing heights. Her dogs, including a Golden Retriever who isn’t golden and won’t retrieve, consider Krista’s writing career a convenient second job that allows her to be available for her primary job as door opener, canine cuisine chef, and walking assistant. Krista’s fascination with mysteries was fueled by Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and Agatha Christie. Like her protagonist, Sophie Winston, Krista loves to entertain friends and family, but would just as soon leave cleaning to someone else.

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