“It’s not easy living with Elvis. Not that I’m complaining. Who else gets to wake up to the sounds of a cute basset hound who thinks he’s famous doing a howling rendition of “Love Me Tender?” That’s Elvis’ way of trying to con me into feeding him before our morning run. Sometimes he wins, but usually I manage to get his ample doggie self out the door so we can jog through the neighborhood before breakfast. I believe in keeping fit. I have to. It’s the only way I can cope with running my beauty shop, keeping up with Mama’s shenanigans and making sure cousin Lovie doesn’t go off the deep end over the wrong man.

Speaking of men, Jack Jones still has not signed divorce papers, and I’m running out of excuses for why I keep falling back into his arms. One of his favorite places to waylay me is Hair.Net after hours. Which brings me to the best part of my day – selecting the perfect little pair of designer shoes to go with my outfit and heading to Hair.Net to make sure every woman in Lee County has the best looking hair in Mississippi. I do hair for everybody from the mayor’s wife over in Tupelo to the deceased at Uncle Charlie’s Eternal Rest Funeral Home. I’m particularly careful with the dearly departed. If anybody deserves to look good, it’s the folks heading to Glory Land.

With Elvis ensconced on his guitar shaped doggie pillow expressing his opinions all over the place and Mama sashaying in and out all day long wanting me to change her hair color or lend her some money for her little outings (translation, trips to Tunica to gamble), things don’t always go the way I’d planned at Hair.Net. Throw in a dead body or two – plus a major emergency created by Lovie or Mama, or even Fayrene, Mama’s best friend who owns Gas, Grits and Guts – and my day can get really crazy. I’m just as liable to end up in Las Vegas trying to stuff a runaway corpse from Uncle Charlie’s funeral home into an ice chest and cart it back home as I am doing a dye job. Sometime I think I’m in the business of “die” jobs.

But even with all the mayhem, I wouldn’t swap lives with anybody. Nothing’s better than sending all my customers home satisfied and going to my little cottage at the end of the day to sit on my front porch swing with a big glass of Lovie’s Prohibition Punch. By the way, she’s sharing that recipe with you in the back of our next caper – ELVIS AND THE TROPICAL DOUBLE TROUBLE. Enjoy!”
You can read more about Callie in ELVIS AND THE TROPICAL DOUBLE TROUBLE, the fourth book in the “Southern Cousins” mystery series. The first book in the series is ELVIS AND THE DEARLY DEPARTED.

In a career that spans more than 25 years, the Mississippi author has written almost 70 novels in three genres. She says she started telling stories “in the womb” and hasn’t stopped since. Writing as Peggy Webb, she pens romance and mystery. Writing as Anna Michaels, she pens literary novels. Although her more than 60 romance novels have consistently appeared on best-seller lists, Peggy says she’s “just a country girl who enjoys telling a good story.” She has won many awards, including a Pioneer Award from RT for her contribution to romance. Several of her books have been optioned for film. Peggy’s popular Southern Cousins Mystery Series, starring Elvis, the basset hound who thinks he’s the King reincarnated, is called “laugh-out-loud-funny” by reviewers.

Her novel written as Anna Michaels, (The Tender Mercy of Roses, May, 2011) is a Delta Magazine Top Five Pick, a Literary Guild and Doubleday Bookclub Featured Alternate. Pat Conroy (The Prince of Tides) calls it “astonishing.” Peggy is excited about bringing her romance classics back as e-books. “I love these strong women and sexy heroes,” she says. “As I edit, I’m falling in love all over again. I hope you will, too!” Follow the author on her websites: www.peggywebb.com and www.annamichaels.net and on Facebook as both Peggy Webb and Anna Michaels.

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

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