Cat Moves by Karen E. Rigley. Publisher: Shimmer, February 2011

When Sharly Johnson finds her cousin, best-selling author Trina Golden, murdered and a kiss and tell autobiography manuscript missing, Sharly plunges into danger, betrayal and deception as she and Ripper the Cat unravel layers of the mystery.

When Sharly arrives at her cousin’s door, she didn’t expect the greeting that she got: finding her cousin murdered. Discovering that her cousin was writing a tell-all book leaves plenty of suspects and uncovered secrets in the small town of Moon Bay. Working with the handsome deputy with help from a frisky feline, Sharly has to find a killer before her nine lives are up. This non-stop action-filled mystery kept me guessing with some surprising twists. The tone and dialogue set the pace of this story and the strangeness of the town and its inhabitants created a suspenseful tale that was enjoyable to read. I look forward to reading more mysteries by this author.

*new-to-me author

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