I’m not sure why Dru Ann wants to know about my life. It’s not like it’s exciting or comes with more than the usual bells and whistles, but since Dru Ann is such a doll and asked so nice, okay, here goes.

By nature, I am as lazy as the day is long, but almost every morning around 6 am I leave my nice warm bed and sleeping husband and slap on my sneakers. Our two cats barely raise their heads, but Wainwright, our Golden Retriever, gets all excited. He starts wiggling and prancing about and his tail wags until I’m sure it’s going to fly off and hit me in the face. He can hardly wait for our morning two mile walk around Seal Beach, including a nice long stretch along the sand. Although slow to get moving, once I’m out in the salty fresh air, both my body and my brain come alive.

When I lived in Newport Beach, I used to walk with a bunch of women friends, but after I married Greg and moved to Seal Beach, Wainwright became my exercise companion. He’s great company, even if he doesn’t hold up his end of the conversation, but it gives me time to think about my plans for the day and clear out the cobwebs left from the day before.

After my walk, I feed Wainwright and the cats and get cleaned up. By then, Greg is up and has the coffee made. We always try to have breakfast together before heading our separate ways to work.

I’m a paralegal at the law firm of Wallace, Boer, Brown and Yates, or Woobie as the employees call it. It’s located in a highrise across from South Coast Plaza. I’ve worked here since before the invention of the wheel and love the firm and the people in it. Well, almost everyone. My supervising attorney is Michael Steele, an arrogant, annoying piece of work if there ever was one. By the time I arrive at my desk, there’s usually an e-mail or two or three or four from him harping about some chore or project I’ve already completed. If I’m really unlucky, he’ll stop by my office. His usual greeting: “Find a body lately, Grey?”

After work, activities can be as mundane as going home to have dinner with Greg, followed by watching TV, or Greg and I meeting up with our good friends Seth and Zee Washington for dinner.

See, my life is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s hum-drum, like everyone else’s. And I like it that way.

“Hi, Odelia. Got a minute”

I look up from my desk to see one of our law clerks standing in my doorway. It’s Len, a tall, lanky law student from UCLA.

I wave Len in. He closes the door behind him and appears nervous.

“Hey, Len.”

“Um, I was told you might be able to help me.”

“Of course, that’s my job. What do you need?”

He shuffles from foot to foot, like he needs to pee. “Um, there’s a body in the trunk of my car.”

See, folks, mundane.
* * * * *
Read more about Odelia and her “mundane life” in the Odelia Grey mystery series by Sue Ann Jaffarian. Her 6th adventure, TWICE AS DEAD, is available now everywhere. The first book in the series is TOO BIG TO MISS.

Sue Ann Jaffarian is the author of three mystery series: The Odelia Grey series, the Ghost of Granny Apples series, and the Madison Rose Vampire Mystery series. In addition to mysteries, she also writes general fiction and short stories, recently launching a Holiday’s From Hell short story series for e-readers. Visit her at www.sueannjaffarian or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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